Between foggy indie rock to even foggier minimalist electric folk, the songs of Windier feel their way through the dark. Windier is working in the weather. It is running down the mountainside like rain. It is smashing the bell and crawling inside. It is the morning after the wreck. It is going home and drinking water. It is the knot coming loose. It is noticing your hands in the rubble. It is a sheet, thrown high... or something.

Our loose collective of song and art making companions is called Pony Mouse Miracle House, and includes Lahnah, Good Hat, MartinMouseHouse, Housepainter, Dumptrux, and more. 

If you want physical copies of anything like cds, stickers, shirts, etc, just send an email.

Email us at asashadis97[at]gmail[dot]com

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